LIFE JOURNEY of Asshwindubey

The story of a boy which began on 24 September 1974.The youngest in his family whose struggle started from his birth as he was misplaced by a girl at first but was found back by the recognition of a mole on his cheek. Uniqueness was present in him from birth.

The life of an ordinary boy who was not at all serious about his career in his school days. So as a result he faced dozens of failures and finally got a job in a small company. After working in several companies he got his biggest breakthrough in 2004 when he entered the telecom industry. He got many promotions in this industry in 13 years and he thought that his struggling period has come to an end but the real struggle was still awaited. The telecom industry got a sudden collapse and his job was again at risk, due to which he went into depression &  he struggled with depression for approximately 3 years. Also no medicine worked to cure this disease permanently. But this time he didn’t lose hope and believed that everything will be just fine. He just then started digging in into himself to find what his real passion was, to grow with the same, and at the same time with that passion how he can contribute to the society as well.

There he discovered his passion for NLP to help people who are struggling to move out from psychosomatic diseases, depression anxiety, etc, and Corporate training where he can train professionals and business entrepreneurs to grow on a fast track with his vast experience of 2 decades in the corporate world. He could have started a normal business or again find a new job as usual as at the age of 45 it was a high risk. There were two roads in front of him. One was the usual one and the other was the risk-taking one. And he took the unique one. He chose NLP and Corporate training sessions at different places and then started his own centre. This time he wanted to contribute his learnings to the society & other people of the world. Life took a lot of exams of him but this time he tried to deal with it with patience and great effort. This time he decided to follow his heart and not listened to the rest of the world. He always kept positivity in his mind and body.

With his whole life experiences he wants to transform the lives of the people who are experiencing the same problem in their lives like anxiety, depression, etc. and his NLP techniques will always be the cherry on the cake.

He always believes in simple philosophy towards three principles of learning process – Learn it, Live it &  then Pass it on to the world.

He also dedicated this poem to the story of his life…..

“मेरा चेहरा अलग है तो

मेरी पहचान भी अलग ही होगी

और मेरी पहचान अलग है तो

मेरा काम भी अलग ही होगा

और मेरा काम अलग है तो

मेरा मुकाम भी अलग ही होगा”

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