Especially emphasizing and focusing on below-mentioned points to get the desire positive outcome in a structure way post lockdown scenario.

If you are

  • A Coach
  • Trainer
  • Professional
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Student
  • Speaker
  • Corporate  House
  • Even an Individual

who wants to learn and execute BLUE PRINT OF SALES AND COLLECTION STRATEGY, then this course is for you.


  1. Collection Efforts : 3 V’s of communication, speech analytics to boost collection, the role of voice interaction for effectively persuading and long term relational ships with agents to get closure – how to seal the deal – need a commitment for agreement.
  2. How to Approach Account Receivable: Aging report track and measure, 80/20 rule, Early bird offer, phase-wise payment plan option, and explore new agent appointment.
  3. Refresh Efforts: SWOT analysis pre and post lockdown scenario.
  4. Do’s and Don’ts: Sympathy vs Empathy and adhere to the basic guidelines of collection.
  5. Increase Productivity: Keep high energy, follow time management quadrants matrix, data management, analytics, reporting, overcome objection, solution mindset, collaboration, and automation by using digital platform.
  6. Complete Refresher: DISC Analysis ( Dominance, Influence, Cautious, Steadiness)  how human psychology works and how to balance personal and professional life.
  7. Objection Handling: Review, evaluate, weeding, How to ready to deal with excuses, document, agreement, commitment with date-time or on mail/WhatsApp, keep all necessary details(statement, invoices, credit note, damage or return detail).

Practical scenario Question and Answer sheet.

The entire session will be interactive and practical in nature with live case study, role play, self-motivation and use of NLP techniques to keep them always positive to achieve desire outcome with great confidence.


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