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Asshwin Dubey is a Certified – NLP Coach and Corporate Trainer.

Subconscious Re-imprinting NLP Life Coach, Train The Competent Life Coach, Train The Trainer- Master level, Corporate Trainer- Expert Level, Business Growth Expert, Wellness Coach and a life transforming Speaker.

He is passionate about transforming people towards better behavioural skills, team building, guiding people in managing stress, time and persuading them to indulge in creative thinking and innovation, his Training and coaching sessions are highly interactive, thought provoking and uses real life experiences to make the session more impactful with fun. ​

Asshwin Dubey

Exclusive Program

The Magic of
Subconscious Mind

Understand our 5 senses the visual, auditory and kin-aesthetic, smell and Taste. How is the state of mind created from Reception to Perception and how is it related to our outcome?


In this Program you will know how to Make your life masterpiece of happiness and abundance A life dedicated to helping individuals to be happy and spread happiness across. 

Redesign Your Relationship

In this program you have to learn Proven ways to redesign your relationship to live happy meaningful life you deserve. Proven ways to redesign your relationship to live happy meaningful life you deserve.


here you will get answer of How to grow your business by 33% ? How we add more value to other people’s lives that they have never received before from anyone else? Strategy innovation and so many things related to your business.

Ultimate Winning Presentation Skills

5 simple steps, how to use winning presentation skills box to deliver a winning presentation. Build Confidence which you can carry forever by creating a circle of confidence through the NLP techniques.


The entire session will be interactive and practical in nature with live case study, role play, self-motivation and use of NLP techniques to keep them always positive to achieve desire outcome with great confidence.

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Features & Benefits

Above program is a very powerful behavior training programs for personal and business transformation. benefits of above training include: Improving what you already do now. Business skills such as: improved Relationship, Wellness, Sales, Effective Training, Enhancing Charisma, and art of Persuasive Language

Get abundance in health wealth and happiness

Become a celebrity authority and business growth expert

Discovering genius within by raising mindset.

Making life beautiful by inspiring and empowering people.


Transformation stories of people who have made changes in their life by using NLP, and have achieved success in their life.

We believe that a company is made of successful people- not just as their work but in life as well.recently Mr Asshwin dubey conducted a very enriching NLP(neuron linguistic programming) workshop for us where he taught us various techniques to align our goals with our thoughts, language, behavior.

Kiran Prajapati

COO @ mahindra emarket LTD

NLP session conducted by Asshwin Dubey, was very informative, practical   and easy to execute to stay happy and achieved your dream goals by applying simple techniques shared by him. His training and coaching sessions are highly interactive, thought provoking and uses real life experiences to make the session more impactful with fun. I wish him for the best future endeavours.

D. A. Dadhania
Prof. D. A. Dadhania

Head of dept. of Sc. and Hum. RNGPIT, Isroli-Bardoli

NLP coach Asshwin dubey gave me fresh perspectives to all things in my life. Asshwin Dubey is very knowledgeable,and able to help me retain my focus throughout the session, and help me reinforce my goals. If you are looking for a successful NLP coaching session to make a difference to your personal and professional life, Asshwin dubey is great NLP trainer

Rajeev Nimavat

An Entrepreneur

"Excellent program by NLP Coach Asshwin Dubey". It helped me clear all distortions in my thought process It now feels like having a crystal clear mirror for my mind, as I am now able to focus on my mind that where and when I want. Asshwin dubey is amazingly talented and professional. I would recommend this program to everyone interested to make a difference to their lives.

Yogesh Patil

MD of best coaching classes

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